About us


Choices for Change is a friendly, approachable, professional service for families who would like to communicate more and work better together to set themselves goals they can achieve. We are highly trained, experienced professionals with a passion for working with families to find their strengths and solve their own problems.

If you are or have been partners and you feel you have experienced or participated in behaviour which could be controlling financially, physically or emotionally or threatening in any way, we could help you.

We could help your family work out how to improve communication and move forward in your lives, whether you choose to do that together or apart. When working with Choices for Change you define who and what family means for you.

With the Choices for Change team you and your family could choose to:

Meet on your own, with another member of your family or with all your family, friends and neighbours, supported and guided by a practitioner who will listen and help you work out how to listen and work together.

Have one to one or small group support and tutoring for children or young people to support them in school or college.

Ask for help to speak to schools or colleges about problems your family has and how they can help.

Ask for one to one help and support for children or young people who are moving between schools, school years or from school to college.

Ask for help with independent living skills like financial management.

Learn how to be a mentor to others in your family and support each other.

Ask for help communicating with someone in prison and preparing for them to return to the family.

Learn about restorative parenting.

Where there has been domestic abuse, work with specialists in small groups on services and programmes.

Rescue and support to keep and maintain the family home.

Support to set and achieve goals and deal with issues including: drugs, alcohol, child protection, domestic violence, budgeting, benefits, mental health problems, housing, health, asylum, family education, volunteering, employment, offending behaviour and anti-social behaviour.

Restorative Change is based at Llanrumney Hall in Cardiff https://www.llanrumneyhall.org/